Fantastic new Pizazz Grandé


6 brand new designs styled as our successful Pizazz cards, with lots of sparkling flitter, stylish foil and an array of embossed gems, finished off with a beautiful full colour insert.

These designs are a stunning 225mm square and look amazing on a thick luxurious board, they also come supplied with a brand new printed envelope, nothing has been spared on these designs!!

Fantastic value at C200 RRP £3.99



LPZG1         Prosecco Time                    Your Anniversary
LPZG2         Paper Lanterns                   Sister Birthday
LPZG3         Wedding Cake                     General Wedding
LPZG4         Hanging Lavender             Mum Birthday
LPZG5         Birthday Cake                      Daughter Birthday
LPZG6         Dusky Dragonflies             Granddaughter Birthday

All designs are available to order now.

Designers Corner

designers corner

A stunning brand new range… Designers Corner, an ensemble of 6 mini collections of 4 designs each to complete a larger varied contemporary display.

Designs from new artists Claire Wilson, Sharon Harmer and Jo Spicer, all with a very contemporary and modern vibe, they’re foiled, flittered and embossed on a thick 300gsm board, cello bagged and finished with a foiled sticker, these designs have had a good response when shown at PG live.

The design have an eclectic mix of images, from Champagne glasses and Presents through to Balloons and Bears, there are 24 designs supplied with cream and cerise envelopes!



This recent new range for us is proving very popular, so we have increased the designs by 4 to make them 12 in total.  These new designs have the same stylish finishes as the original 8 designs and feature delicate orchids, elegant birds and exotic floral, 4 stunning and contemporary designs…



LCA13             Bright Orchids                                   General Birthday
LCA14             Flowers in Jars                                   General Birthday
LCA15             Exotic Bird Box                                  General Birthday
LCA16             Wild Flowers/Butteflies                 General Birthday



Fantastic new Occasions and Relations!! 

A release of 8 new occasions/relations, with a selection of traditional, cute and contemporary designs, a beautiful cake for female 65th, a couple of new 21st birthdays and new Leaving to have a Baby design. 


PR84               Glasses/Tashes                          Brother
HR311             Sitting Deer                                 Mummy
WR708            Entwined Giraffes                     Grandson
MSE17            Pink/Blue Flowers                    Leaving to have a baby
PS93               Charm Bracelet                          21st Birthday (F)
PS94               Birthday Cake                             65th Birthday (F)
PS95               Graphic Stars                              21st Birthday (M)
PS96               Prosecco Time                           Anniv. – Mum & Dad

In addition to this latest release we also have 4 brand new C250 designs, they are styled as the successful Christmas 12×8’s, with a debossed panel, foiled, flitter, beautifully inserted and laden with gems!!

This designs are stunning and look amazing…

 CR2 CS1


CR1                 Bright Orchids                         Wife
CR2                 Unicorn                                      Daughter
CR3                 Cascading Flowers                Mum
CS1                 Champagne Glasses             Anniv. – Wife





We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new range Doodle, simplistic animals illustrated in bold black and white ink strokes, highlighted with splashes of primary colours.

There are 16 designs printed on a brand new textured, coated board, 300gsm Veltique ice. The designs have been kept simple with no finishes apart from a striking printed envelope, these designs are great value at C50, and have a had a great response when first seen at PG Live!

There are 16 animals depicted in bold black ink swashes, with 5 fun dogs, 5 feline cats and 6 wild animals.

This fun range is bold yet commercial with a contemporary feel, keeping this collection bang up to date!

These designs are FANTASTIC value at C50, RRP £1.90!!

NBW1           Giraffe Present                        General Birthday
NBW2           Terrier Balloon                        General Birthday
NBW3           Spotted Cheetah                    General Birthday
NBW4           Crazy Cat                                    Blank
NBW5           Cat and Birdie                          General Birthday
NBW6           Cat with Flower                       General Birthday
NBW7           Cat in Party Hat                       General Birthday
NBW8           Cat in Crown                             General Birthday
NBW9           Sausage Dog Cake                  General Birthday
NBW10        Shaggy Doggie                          Blank
NBW11        Stripy Zebra                               Blank
NBW12        Dougal Dog                                General Birthday
NBW13        Elephant Bouquet                  Blank
NBW14        Cheeky Monkey                        Blank
NBW15        Pink Flamingo                           Blank
NBW16        Proud Lion                                  General Birthday



Brand new batch of Occasions and Relations just launched, 9 designs in total with include fun new Grandad and Nanny designs, a very stylish Sister & Bother-in-law anniversary and a new Husband Sympathy design.

DR472 DS588


DR471        Multi-coloured Stars          Son Birthday
DR472        Giraffe in shades                 Dad Birthday
HR309        Furry Creatures                 Grandad Birthday
HR310        Best Elephants                   Nanny Birthday
DS588        Prosecco Time             Sis & Bro-I-L Anniversary
HS489        Reeds                              Sympathy Husband
HS490        Hooray Balloon          Golden Anniversary
HS491        Graphic Stars             Congratulations
HS492        Graphic Stars              30th Birthday (M)


A lovely little collection of money wallets!

BS31 BS34

Within this collection of 12 brand new Money Wallets, there’s a selection of cute designs, with Crocodiles, Unicorns and Lions, traditional designs in the form of Dragonflies and hedgehogs, and titled designs for Grandson and Granddaughter, both send-able to an older relative. We’ve also included an open Champagne design that could be sent for any anniversary or wedding, and designs that can be sent as an older send.

All in all a lovely little collection of Money Wallets, all at C25… great value!!

BS31          Greatest Lion          Money Wallet
BS32          Unicorn Cloud        Money Wallet
BS33          Croc Balloon            Money Wallet
BS34          Cupcake                     Money Wallet
BS35          Floral Hedgehog    Money Wallet
BS36          Giraffe in Shades   Money Wallet
BS37          Graphic Text             Money Wallet (G’son)
BS38          Floral Butterfly       Money Wallet (G’daughter)
BS39          Unicorn                       Money Wallet
BS40          Dusky Dragonflies  Money Wallet
BS41          Prosecco Time         Money Wallet
BS42          Graphic Text             Money Wallet