November Pre-sell brochure with stock available in January 2024

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All designs are available for pre-sell with stock delivery in January 2024 -
see reps for details

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Thinking of You & Sympathy packages in stock

Sympathy and Thinking of You packages have arrived and stock is now available











HS826             Pink Wisteria                             Sympathy                        70/II
HS828             Wild Border                               Sympathy                        70/II
HS832             Sympathy Flowers                 Sympathy                     50/HH
HS833             Botanical Sympathies          Sympathy                     50/HH
HS834             Autumn Leaves                       Sympathy                     50/HH
WS1065          Sympathy Wreath                  Sympathy                     40/GG
WS1066          Lily of the Valley                     Sympathy                     40/GG
HS827             Pansy Circle                             Get Well                            70/II
HS829             Pink Dahlia                               Get Well                             70/II
HS830             Pink Peonies                            Get Well                          50/HH
HS831             Big Bumble Bee                      Get Well                          50/HH
WS1064          Bees & Meadow                      Get Well                          40/GG

HS836             Blue Thistles                             Thinking of You             70/II
HS837             Bunny/Butterfly                       Thinking of You         50/HH
HS838             Lighthouse/Bay                       Thinking of You          50/HH
HS840             Pretty Pink Flowers                Thinking of You          50/HH
HS841             Ditsy Flower Wreath               Thinking of You         50/HH
WS1067          Blue Vase/Flowers                   Thinking of You         40/GG
WS1068          William Morris Garden           Thinking of You         40/GG
HS839             Flowers & Teacup                    Keeping in Touch      50/HH
WS1069          Beautiful Border                      Keeping in Touch      40/GG
HS835             Wild Border                              Just to Say                       70/II
WS1070          Beautiful Bees                          Just to Say                    40/GG
HS842             Butterfly Jar                              Missing You                  50/HH

HS842 HS839

Great news, there’s new product …

2 BRAND NEW Large cards

A couple of new designs, 2 brand new 12×9‚ÄĚ large cards, hanging sloth Retirement design and a brand new 50th birthday suitable for a male or female send.

Both designs are available from the 1st September.

Both designs are multi sign captions, they are fully foiled, have a full colour reverse, they are printed on a heavy weight board, great value at C200.

Large Cards

C133               Party Popper                       50th Birthday M/F        200/QQ

C134               Hanging Sloth                      Retirement                    200/QQ

50th1 retirement1

thinking of you 1#thinking of you#








Thinking of You 2023

We have created a ‚ÄėThinking of You‚Äô Package to tie in with the UK GCA Thinking of You week.¬† Available to pre-order now with stock to arrive in time for the week taking place on 18-24 September.¬† A3 window poster will be sent with every package ordered.

Again just 12 designs,

7 Thinking of You, 2 Just to say, 2 Keeping in touch and 1 Miss You…

Sympathy Package 2023

12 designs, 7 Sympathy and 5 Get Well… available now to preorder with stock in September

sympathy 1#sympathy 2#

male re 1fel relmale rel













9 new female titles and 16 new male, with the introduction of a selection of male humour titles… see reps for details

DRD132     Beer Barrel                                   Husband Birthday                  100/MM
DRD133     Heart Butterfly                           Wife Birthday                            100/MM
DRD134     Jar of Hearts                               Partner (F) Birthday               100/MM
DRD135     Fizzy Giraffe                                 Partner (M) Birthday              100/MM
DRD136     Beautiful Bees                            Mum Birthday                           100/MM
DR537        Leaning Man                                Dad Birthday                             75/JJ
DR538        Couple drinking                         Husband Birthday                  75/JJ
DR539        Crying Child                                Son Birthday                              75/JJ
DR540        Patterned Text                           Dad Birthday                              75/JJ
PR106        Laughing Man                            Brother Birthday                       70/II
HR437        Making a point                          Brother-I-law Birthday           50/HH
HR438        Making a point                          Son-in-law Birthday                50/HH
DR441        Big Bumble Bee                        Sister Birthday                           50/HH
HR442        Allium Fairy                                Cousin Birthday (F)                  50/HH
HR443        Pawsome Dogs                         Brother Birthday                       50/HH
HR444        Big/Small Giraffes                   Daughter Birthday                    50/HH
HR445        Big/Small Dinos                       Grandad Birthday                     50/HH
HR446        SUPER STAR                               Son-in-Law Birthday               50/HH
HR447        Big/Small Dinos                       Son Birthday                               50/HH
HR448        Amazing/Incredible               Brother Birthday                        50/HH
HR449        Fizzy Giraffe                               Sister Birthday                            50/HH
HR450        Purrfect Cats                             Mummy Birthday                       50/HH
HR451        Cake Cat & Mouse                   Daughter Birthday                    50/HH
HR452        Neon Text                                   Son Birthday                                50/HH
WR728       Squirrel Nuts                            Nephew Birthday                       40/GG



A lovely collection of high ages, Anniversaries and various occasions… just launched Рsee reps for details

DS676        Love Heart                                    Husband Anniversary            75/JJ
DS677        Jar of Hearts                                 Silver Anniversary                   75/JJ
DS678        Starburst                                        100th Birthday                          75/JJ
PS120        Cake Cat & Mouse                       18th Female                               70/II
PS121        Victoria Sponge Cake                21st Female                               70/II
PS122        Starburst                                        40th Male                                     70/II
PS123        Purple Spiral                                 40th Female                               70/II
PS124¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Pawsome Dogs¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Sorry You’re Leaving¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† 70/II
PS125        Party Popper                                Congratulations                      70/II
PS126        Party Popper                                21st Male                                     70/II
PS127        Amazing/Incredible                  18th Male                                    70/II

HS818        L Plates/Streamers                   Driving Test Cong.                   50/HH
HS819        Stars/Lightning Bolts               30th Birthday (M/F)                50/HH
HS820        Baby Star Pink                            Christening Dau.                      50/HH
HS821        Baby Star Blue                            Christening Son                       50/HH
HS822        Champagne/Flutes                   Anniversary Ruby                   50/HH
HS823        Pastel Stars                                  New Job                                      50/HH
HS824        Celebration Flutes                    Congratulations                       50/HH
HS825        Jasmine Branches                    Sympathy Dad                          50/HH