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Occasions & Relations Update

Plenty of gorgeous new Occasions & Relations available from January 2020

Female Relations p1 Female Relations p2 Female Relations p3 Male Relations p1 Male Relations p2 Occasions p1 Occasions p2

Have you seen the gorgeous new launch of Occasions & Relations!!!HR347 HS577 HS578 HS579 HS580 HS581 HS582 HS583 HS584 HS585 HS586 HS587 HR341 HR342 HR343 HR344 HR345 HR346 HR338 HR339 HR340 DRD116 DR495

More designs!!

Lots more new product released, here’s the next batch of the new designs…

This release has a mix of wonderful new occasions and a solitary relation, it’s all about the milestone ages, with a combination of Pizazz and graphic designs. 


HR337                 Jumping Unicorn                    Special Friend



HS541                 Hooray you did it                   Congratulations
HS542                 Fast Car Yay                         Driving Test Congrats
HS543                 Clever Sausage                     New Job
HS544                 Ornate Present                       18th Birthday (F)
HS545                 Paper Lanterns                       21st Birthday (F)
HS546                 Camouflaged Text                 18th Birthday (M)
HS547                 Geometric Circles                  21st Birthday (M)
HS548                 Gin o’clock                             70th Birthday (F)
HS549                 Garden Lounger                     75th Birthday (M)
HS550                 Ditsy Band                              80th Birthday (F)
HS551                 Starbursts & Spots                 90th Birthday (M)


Another selection of cracking designs!!

Lots more new product heading your way, here’s the next batch of the new designs…

This release has a mix of wonderful new occasions and relations, there‚Äôs a fun new Engagement ‚ÄėDoodle‚Äô design, and a super cute new Grandson, lots of new Anniversary and Wedding designs, and a couple of great new Wife designs‚Ķ all in all, a lovely selection of 13 new cards!!


WR709                Sausage Dogs/Balloon           Grandad
PR89                   Bottled Beer                           Brother
PR90                   Dog Blowing Candles             Grandson
DR488                 Hanging Bear                         S.V.S.
DR489                 Café/Scooter/Coast               Son
DRD113              Champagne/Little Bird           Wife
DRD112              Lazing Cat                              Wife



PS99                   Jumping Unicorns/Rainbow   Engagement
DS614                 Balloons/Floral                        Our Anniversary
DS615                 Floral Wreath                          Anniv. РDau & SIL
DS616                 Anniversary Tree                   Wedding РSon & DIL
DS617                 Pastel Rose                            Wedding РDau & SIL
DSD110              Bird/Floral                               Anniv. РWife



Wow we have gorgeous brand new Occasions cards launching in January 2019

Check them out -

NQP Pre-Sell p8

Have you seen the  Female Relation cards available from January 2019???

NQP Pre-Sell p6

Occasions & Relations September 2018

Fantastic New Occasions & Relations!

A release of 10 new Occasions/Relations, with a selection of traditional, cute and contemporary designs are heading your way!! A couple of cute characters for Grandson and Granddaughter birth congrats, new contemporary presents, cakes and bouquets, traditional lighthouses and beers complete a perfect blend of new designs.                


DS598             Floral Bouquet                      75th Birthday (F)
DS599             Red Lighthouse                     90th Birthday (M)
HS500             Guinea Pigs/Scooter           Driving Test Pass
HS501             Giraffe/Bunting                     Grandson Birth Congrats
HS502             Bunny/Balloon                      Granddaughter Birth Congrats
DRD109          Hummingbird                        Wife
 HR312            Ornate Present                     Cousin
HR313            Ornate Cake                            Sister-in-Law
HR314            Bottled Beer                           Brother-in-Law
HR315            Floating Crocodiles             Daddy