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A lovely little collection of money wallets!

BS31 BS34

Within this collection of 12 brand new Money Wallets, there’s a selection of cute designs, with Crocodiles, Unicorns and Lions, traditional designs in the form of Dragonflies and hedgehogs, and titled designs for Grandson and Granddaughter, both send-able to an older relative. We’ve also included an open Champagne design that could be sent for any anniversary or wedding, and designs that can be sent as an older send.

All in all a lovely little collection of Money Wallets, all at C25… great value!!

BS31          Greatest Lion          Money Wallet
BS32          Unicorn Cloud        Money Wallet
BS33          Croc Balloon            Money Wallet
BS34          Cupcake                     Money Wallet
BS35          Floral Hedgehog    Money Wallet
BS36          Giraffe in Shades   Money Wallet
BS37          Graphic Text             Money Wallet (G’son)
BS38          Floral Butterfly       Money Wallet (G’daughter)
BS39          Unicorn                       Money Wallet
BS40          Dusky Dragonflies  Money Wallet
BS41          Prosecco Time         Money Wallet
BS42          Graphic Text             Money Wallet