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Valentine’s Day
A collection of 21 themed designs in our successful Pizazz brand. These designs
feature a host of beautiful finishes, pearl foil, red glitter and extensive die cutting, making this range stand out from the crowd.
RV9RV9 (2)

RV9Mother’s Day
 A collection of 33 designs, built around a selection of themes, giving the range a unique and complete look, beautiful finishes include organza bows and ribbons, gems and exquisite pearl foil and beautiful die cut corners.

 MDE20 (2)

35 designs complete our Easter selection, with traditional watercolour artworks
creating the core of the range, this year we’ve also introduced 2 bright honeycomb attachment cards, for a fun younger send.

HE157 (2)

Father’s Day
28 brand new designs, with a combination of great traditional artworks, and
holographic foil text designs, we’ve also introduced 4 new Googly eye designs, and 3 great new honeycomb attachment designs.

HF85 (2)

Introducing Spring Seasons 2015 - click on the image below
to get a larger view!

NQP Spring ad 2015 (Mel's Version)