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LS41 LS47

Brand new launch of a very cute set of Juvenile ages, 12 designs from a new artist, we felt they were lovely, so we simply had to have them! They are a fantastic C40 price and supplied with pink and blue envelopes and with full colour insides

LS41           Giraffe/Bunting                  1st Birthday (M)
LS42           Elephant/Crown                 2nd Birthday (M)
LS43           Bear/Party                             3rd Birthday (M)
LS44           Monkey/Party Popper      4th Birthday (M)
LS45           Whale/Hat                             5th Birthday (M)
LS46           Tiger/Trumpet                     6th Birthday (M)
LS47           Bunny/Balloon                    1st Birthday (F)
LS48           Bear/Present                        2nd Birthday (F)
LS49           Hippo/Cake                           3rd Birthday (F)
LS50           Koala/Streamer                  4th Birthday (F)
LS51           Cat/Bunting                          5th Birthday (F)
LS52           Flamingo/Cake                    th Birthday (F)

As part of the new Occasions/Relations launch we have put together a gorgeous release of high gloss Juvenile ages from a new artist with lots of funky Jungle animals with bags of fun and colour, all at an amazing C40.

WS971 WS979