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Stunning launch of 12 designs featuring ECO gold and silver flitter.

Truly wonderful selections of designs with full colour reverse and great value for money at C45

LPZ263 LPZ264 LPZ265 LPZ266 LPZ267 LPZ268 LPZ269 LPZ270 LPZ271 LPZ272 LPZ273 LPZ274

NQP Pre-Sell p2

Beautiful and bright, featuring birds, butterflies, Prosecco & Gin all finished with the Pizazz sparkle.  These designs are available to be pre-ordered and stock will be
available in January 2019.

MORE Pizazz…

We are pleased to be able to release 12 beautiful Pizazz designs with the stunning gold and silver flitter finish. There are 12 brand new designs with beautiful alliums, elegant dragonfly and moths, and a stunning Glitter ball, a truly wonderful selection of designs …

The designs all have a full colour reverse, keeping our ‚Äėbest selling‚Äô, ‚Äėaward winning‚Äô line extension great value for money at a C45.

LPZ232 LPZ226

LPZ221           Birds in Blossom                                  General Birthday
LPZ222           Blue Floral/Butterflies                       General Birthday
LPZ223           Champagne Glasses                           Blank
LPZ224           Beautiful Dragonfly                             Blank
LPZ225           Dream Catcher                                      Blank
LPZ226           Beautiful Moths                                    General Birthday
LPZ227           Peacock Feathers                                General Birthday
LPZ228           Tulle Dress Girls                                   General Birthday
LPZ229           Floral Hedgehog                                  General Birthday
LPZ230           Wild Rose Butterfly                             General Birthday
LPZ231           Beautiful Alliums                                 General Birthday
LPZ232           Mirror Balls                                            Blank

Pizazz high ages…

We have created a small collection of 3 male and 3 female designs, the design styling follows the theme of the 50th and 60th designs released in June, with Pizazz & Pizazz male being the inspiration for the designs.

DS573 DS578

All 6 designs are C75 and use proven artworks.

DS573        Wine Selection                                          70th Birthday (male)
DS574        Hot Air Balloons                                        80th Birthday (male)
DS575        Biplanes                                                    90th Birthday (male)
DS576        Pink Hydrangea                                        70th Birthday (female)
DS577        Wild Flowers                                             80th Birthday (female)
DS578        Lilac Floral                                                 90th Birthday (female)

Just launched - 8 new beautifully styled Pizazz Gallery designs, with sophisticated pearl foil, die cut edges and stunning water colour artworks!!

More distinctive, fresh floral artworks, including a bright Honeysuckle, stunning blue Wild flowers and a striking Orange and blossom design have been created.  The artworks flow round from page 1onto page 4, all the designs have a full colour reverse, keeping this line extension great value for money at C50.


NPG51            Bamboo & Butter                                          Blank
NPG52            Honeysuckle                                                   Blank
NPG53            Lilac Floral                                                       Happy Birthday
NPG54            Orange Blossom                                            Blank
NPG55            Orchids & Palms                                            Happy Birthday
NPG56            Wild Flowers                                                   Blank
NPG57            Wild Field                                                         Blank
NPG58            Blackberries                                                    Happy BirthdayNPG52 NPG57