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Sat 24th Jan, 2015¬†is…

Belly Laugh Day is a day for having a good chuckle at anything at all. Did you know that laughter has been know to cause the tissue lining our blood vessels to expand increase blood flow? This in turn makes you feel more positive, boosts your immune systems and generally just makes us feel happier! Even just looking forward to something in advance has similar positive effects as the act itself! It reduces stress and increases chemicals that help relaxation. So whatever you are doing today make sure you have a good belly laugh!


The BEST of 2014

We wanted to share and have a look back at our 2014 highlights with you.

New Card Collections
-12 special handmade cards using embroidery, knits, felts and pretty
attachments to create a layered 3D effect on a textured cream background.


Two New Humour
Tickled Pink and Wise Cracks


Charity Fundraising
Cardgains 1

In June Alison Butterworth, Becky Dobson (Glick) and Nick Leek on completing the Three Dams walking/cycling for Cardgains nominated charity Peach.

Cardgains Challenge

A super summer for Essex


Monday 7th July saw the Tour de France travel through Saffron Walden

Tour de France

New Gifts Launches
In 2014 we’ve been delighted to launch our new stationery/fashion giftware ranges:

Moggies & Doggies
Doggies & Moggies Mel's version


Not just one new range of Humour from NQP but TWO!!!

We are pleased to announce the launch of Tickled Pink a humour range specifically aimed at women.  Consisting of six designs with high gloss UV varnish featuring girl to girl risqué humour and supplied with a cerise envelope!  These cards will make you laugh your socks off!



Wise Cracks

WWCP1Brand new light humour range using the best selling jokes.  Featuring bright vibrant artwork showing crazy characters in fun situations.  This range is supplied with primary colour envelopes and is bound to prove popular with customers.