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Hot off the press!

DR448 HS437 DR450 HR262

Just released are 18 new Occasion/Relation designs with 44 more in the pipeline to be released soon.  Broken down into 8 male, 4 female and 6 assorted occasions.


DR448              Classic Cars                                       Dad Birthday
DR449              New York Scene                              Husband Birthday
DR450              Butterfly Border                             Granddaughter Birthday
DR451              Butterflies/Flowers                       Mother Birthday
DR452              Roses & Ribbons                            Wife Birthday
HR256             Giraffe/Hat/Sunglasses               Son in Law Birthday
HR257             Dad Sparkler                                    Dad Birthday
HR258             Bird Cage                                            Nan Birthday
HR259             Space/Planets                                  Son Birthday
HR260             Wine Selection                                 Uncle Birthday
HR261             Boy/Hat/Phone                                Nephew Birthday
HR262             Red Patterned Text                        Brother Birthday

DS565             Champagne Hearts                         Husband Anniversary
HS435             Red/Orange Floral                           Get Well Soon
HS436             Watering Can & Wine                      Retirement
HS437             Green Patterned Text                     Good Luck
HS438             L Plate Border                                   Driving Test Congrats
HS439             Balloons/Streamers                        General Congratulations


Art of Nature


A collection of 12 beautifully painted British wildlife favourites, set in floral fields awash with butterflies!

There are 12 animals depicted in fields of wild flowers awash with butterflies, giving the art range a pretty yet commercial edge, the designs also feature contemporary geometric patterns, keeping the feel of this collection bang up to date!


Images of baby foxes, colourful cockerels and loving deer have been captured perfectly in this exquisite artwork, the designs have been treated with subtle litho gold design work, and come supplied with cream envelopes.

These designs are FANTASTIC value at C45, RRP £1.75