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Another selection of cracking designs!!

Lots more new product heading your way, here’s the next batch of the new designs…

This release has a mix of wonderful new occasions and relations, there‚Äôs a fun new Engagement ‚ÄėDoodle‚Äô design, and a super cute new Grandson, lots of new Anniversary and Wedding designs, and a couple of great new Wife designs‚Ķ all in all, a lovely selection of 13 new cards!!


WR709                Sausage Dogs/Balloon           Grandad
PR89                   Bottled Beer                           Brother
PR90                   Dog Blowing Candles             Grandson
DR488                 Hanging Bear                         S.V.S.
DR489                 Café/Scooter/Coast               Son
DRD113              Champagne/Little Bird           Wife
DRD112              Lazing Cat                              Wife



PS99                   Jumping Unicorns/Rainbow   Engagement
DS614                 Balloons/Floral                        Our Anniversary
DS615                 Floral Wreath                          Anniv. РDau & SIL
DS616                 Anniversary Tree                   Wedding РSon & DIL
DS617                 Pastel Rose                            Wedding РDau & SIL
DSD110              Bird/Floral                               Anniv. РWife



Brand new Juvenile ages!!

HS536 HS536 p2-3

Launching today are 12 BRAND NEW juvenile age cards, this wonderful collection of brightly finished fun characters, they all feature an activity ‚ÄėColouring in Picture‚Äô on page 2, and have been printed on Veltique Ice, giving the cards fantastic bright colours, perfect for these juvenile designs!

These cards have ECO flitter, which is completely biodegradable, and highlighted with a new logo on page 4, they have full colour insides and are great Value at C50

HS529          Bright Bee                              1st Birthday (F)
HS530          Funky Lion Cub                      1st Birthday (M)
HS531          Bright Dinosaur                      2nd Birthday (F)
HS532          Funky Chameleon                 2nd Birthday (M)
HS533          Bright Giraffe                         3rd Birthday (F)
HS534          Funky Whale                          3rd Birthday (M)
HS535          Bright Kitten                            4th Birthday (F)
HS536          Funky Dinosaur                      4th Birthday (M)
HS537          Bright Pony                            5th Birthday (F)
HS538          Funky Monkey                       5th Birthday (M)
HS539          Bright Llama                           6th Birthday (F)
HS540          Funky Sloth                            6th Birthday (M)

HS537 p2-3HS537


Nigel Quiney Publications is pledging to be more environmentally friendly.  We love our planet and believe it is time to start taking better care of it!

We are increasing our green initiatives for 2019.¬† As you may be aware we already use on our everyday product FSC certified board.¬† The FSC ‚Äútick tree‚ÄĚ logo is used to indicate that products are certified under the FSC system and are from responsibly managed sources. When you see the FSC logo on the back of a card, you can buy forest products with confidence that you are helping to ensure our forests are alive for generations to come.

We strive to be as eco-friendly as possible using vegetable based inks and printing as much of our products here in the UK.

We have already reduced our plastic usage by having individual cello-wrapping as optional to all customers.¬† Nearly our entire portfolio is produced without any form of cello bag.¬† Those ranges that have been individually wrapped in the past are going to become ‚Äúnaked‚ÄĚ in the future and we have started this with our latest launch of designs from the What a Picture range.¬† We are also shortly going to receive an order of single paper bands to be used instead of transportation bags.¬† This will save approximately 5,000 plastic bags per month.

Our final happy news is that we are going to start using a biodegradable eco-glitter on our award winning Pizazz cards.  This means the glitter is made from Eucalyptus tree cellulose, will biodegrade in soil, fresh water, waste water or marine environments where micro-organisms are present.  It is also compostable.

Our industry is working hard to reduce our carbon footprint/plastic usage and at Nigel Quiney Publications we are endeavouring to keep striving forward in the future to reduce our environmentally impact further.


Nigel Quiney Publications
Cloudesley House
Shire Hill
Saffron Walden
CB11 3FB
Tel: 01799 520200
Fax: 01799 520100


Peanut Flyer[1] Peanut Flyer2

Welcome to the NQP family the scruffy little puppy – Peanut.

With mischievous eyes and bags of character, together with his little kitten playmate, playing with butterflies and bees and having fun blowing out candles they create lots of ahhh!

The designs are a contemporary 6.5×5″ size with full colour front and reverse, finished with matt gold foil and supplied with a thick white envelope.¬† Stock is available towards the end of May 2019 – pre-order the designs now!

Tilly & Blue Flyer Tilly & Blue Flyer2

A collection of beautifully painted pet portraits, finished with a simple embossed panel, the designs are classic traditional fine art product.  The designs are 160mm square and supplied with a thick white envelope.  Stock is available towards the end of May 2019.

HR331 HR335 HR326 HR328

Lots of lovely new product releases – here are only some of the new releases

DS609 DS613 DR487 DR485