A little Bird told me

A Little Bird told me


A brand new contemporary range by Spice Studios (under the NQP name).

We’re launching a small collection of Birthday designs.

In this collection there are 9 design led images, depicting the natural beauty of nature, with beautiful butterflies, birds and insects. The cards are all birthday captioned, the design work is fresh, modern and simple in style.

The range is unwrapped, with shiny gold polka dot foil details, with full colour printing on the inside. They are price code 50.

NLB1          Ladybird & Flowers                General Birthday
NLB2          Butterflies & Flowers              General Birthday
NLB3          Yellow Bird & Flowers            General Birthday
NLB4          Dragonfly & Flowers              General Birthday
NLB5          Bees & Flowers                      General Birthday
NLB6          Wild Flowers/Mice                  General Birthday
NLB7          Elegant Peacock                    General Birthday
NLB8          Beautiful Butterfly                  General Birthday
NLB9          Blue Bird & Flowers               General Birthday