Pizazz Gallery


Another release of 12 beautifully styled Pizazz Gallery designs with floral details reversed out of sophisticated pearl foil backgrounds, die cut edges and stunning water colour artworks.

More distinctive, fresh floral artworks, including a beautiful cascading rose, blue thistles and a striking Lemon and blossom design, the artworks flow round from page 1onto page 4, all the designs have a full colour reverse, keeping this line extension great value for money at C50.

NPG59       Cherry Blossom                     General Birthday
NPG60       Beautiful Iris                           Blank
NPG61       Thistles                                   Blank
NPG62       Lemon Tree                            General Birthday
NPG63       Cascading Flowers                General Birthday
NPG64       Catkin & Blue Tit                    General Birthday
NPG65       Pink Peony                             General Birthday
NPG66       Magnolia/Butterflies               General Birthday
NPG67       Morning Glory                        General Birthday
NPG68       Pink Mixed Floral                   Blank
NPG69       Soft Lilies                                Blank
NPG70       Botanical                                General Birthday