We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new range Doodle, simplistic animals illustrated in bold black and white ink strokes, highlighted with splashes of primary colours.

There are 16 designs printed on a brand new textured, coated board, 300gsm Veltique ice. The designs have been kept simple with no finishes apart from a striking printed envelope, these designs are great value at C50, and have a had a great response when first seen at PG Live!

There are 16 animals depicted in bold black ink swashes, with 5 fun dogs, 5 feline cats and 6 wild animals.

This fun range is bold yet commercial with a contemporary feel, keeping this collection bang up to date!

These designs are FANTASTIC value at C50, RRP £1.90!!

NBW1           Giraffe Present                        General Birthday
NBW2           Terrier Balloon                        General Birthday
NBW3           Spotted Cheetah                    General Birthday
NBW4           Crazy Cat                                    Blank
NBW5           Cat and Birdie                          General Birthday
NBW6           Cat with Flower                       General Birthday
NBW7           Cat in Party Hat                       General Birthday
NBW8           Cat in Crown                             General Birthday
NBW9           Sausage Dog Cake                  General Birthday
NBW10        Shaggy Doggie                          Blank
NBW11        Stripy Zebra                               Blank
NBW12        Dougal Dog                                General Birthday
NBW13        Elephant Bouquet                  Blank
NBW14        Cheeky Monkey                        Blank
NBW15        Pink Flamingo                           Blank
NBW16        Proud Lion                                  General Birthday